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Tangerine Sugar Feminized seeds grow into a plant that shows the 70% sativa-dominance in many aspects. From plant morphology to the flavour, and terpene profiles, the sativa genetics pass on the best of their genes. Capable of large yields, this plant can be grown indoors, or outdoors in regions with sunny and Mediterranean type climates.

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Tangerine Sugar Feminized flowers are a refreshing and citrusy blast to the flavour palate. Just as the name implies, sweet tangerine notes are instantly recognizable amongst the other flavours. The effects are long-lasting and centre around a feeling of cheerfulness. A thin plant with a medium finished height, the yields are surprisingly large when grown in the right conditions.

Tangerine Sugar Feminized seeds are 70% sativa / 30% indica genetics. This strain is a combination of a California Indica crossed to the progeny of a Skunk #1 and Sensi Skunk cross. The sativa influence comes from the latter two and is apparent in the bud structure, fruity flavours, cerebral effects, and leaf morphology. The California Indica influence expresses in the medium height and by reducing the average flowering time for a sativa-dominant strain.

Growth pattern of Tangerine Sugar Feminized

Tangerine Sugar Feminized seeds definitely grow into sativa dominant looking plants. Because this is a feminized seed, the resulting seedlings will all turn out to be female plants, which are the desirable, flower-producing type. Overall, this is a slender plant with lateral branches expending energy to reach upward more so than outward. The nodal spacing is more open than tight indica-leaning plants, but the large and slender fan leaves fill in the gaps.

One area that the indica genetics make an impact is on the flowering time. Tangerine Sugar Feminized has a flowering duration of 63-70 days, which is considerably less than the average sativa cultivar. Another area the indica genetics helped tame the sativa dominance, is in the finished height. In optimal conditions, indoor growers should see heights of 120-140 cm. Outdoor growers in a good season can see plants stretching in excess of 180 cm.

Yields of Tangerine Sugar Feminized can be impressive. Indoor gardeners who can maintain the right environment can anticipate bountiful yields of 500-550 grams per m². Outdoor growers with ideal weather can see anywhere from 600 grams or more per plant. The buds are small-to-medium sized but extremely dense, which is where they get their weight. Dark orange stigmas lay over a layer of milky white trichomes covering the surface.

If grown outdoors, Tangerine Sugar Feminized seeds do best in sunny and warm climates, common to Mediterranean regions. Indoors, it does well under many light spectrums, including CMH, HPS, and LED. Due to the slender nature of the lateral branches, common training techniques to support or strengthen the plant are encouraged. SOG, SCROG, Supercropping, and Lollipoppping are all great techniques to achieve better yields.

Effect, taste, and smell of Tangerine Sugar Feminized

Tangerine Sugar Feminized offers an experience that begins immediately. Cheerful, creative, and happy are all words commonly used to describe the effects of this strain. It is a long-lasting cerebral high that can also help with concentration. While focusing on the positive side of life, the indica genetics slide in to offer a calming effect that sets the body at ease. A blissfull relaxation takes hold from head to toe.

The flavour profile of Tangerine Sugar Feminized is enough to make the mouth water. A refreshing essence of freshly peeled tangerines sits above the mouth-puckering grapefruit and pineapple notes. Complimenting this tangy mix of tropical fruits is a hint of lime mojito sprinkled in to complete this fruit cocktail of exotic tastes. The flavour remains from beginning to end, and that is an excellent reason for growers to try their hand at cultivating this strain.

Tangerine Sugar Feminized has a diverse terpene profile, which touches on many categories. It’s fruity like many sativas, but also has predominantly indica aromas, which are earthy. The first impression is that of a sweet but skunky scent that pairs well with the earthiness that radiates from the dried and cured buds.

In addition to the dominant smells, Tangerine Sugar Feminized has undertones of lemon zest and diesel. During the flowering stage, a slightly floral odour is present during the final few weeks.

Did you know?

  • Tangerine Sugar Feminized combines two award-winning sativas with the classic California Indica.

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