Dutch Passion Frisian Duck


Why should I get Frisian Duck feminised seeds?


•      Stealthy variety that is ideal for growing in populated areas

•      Very tough and easy to grow, ideal for greenhouse and outdoor growing

•      Grows like a Christmas tree with large flowers and a huge yield

•      Beautiful purple flowers with a spicy, piney and fruity aroma


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Frisian Duck has a subtle yet spicy aroma and flavour profile

Frisian Duck is a hybrid cannabis strain that is bred for its distinctive leaf shape which looks like a ducks footprint. She grows without being recognisable as cannabis for much of her life. Her compact buds have quite a subtle spicy aroma with hints of fresh forest, pine and citrus. The aroma isn’t that pungent, helping her to maintain a low smell profile even when the big purple flowers have matured and dominated its looks.


What does Frisian Duck taste like?


Frisian Duck has a slightly fruity, piney taste that can have hints of berries and fresh forest. Some phenotypes express a more citrus dominated flavour profile. Being slightly citrus and piney, her aroma profile definitely wakes you up! Perfect for a morning or daytime smoke.


Frisian Duck is an outdoor champion


Frisian Duck has purple buds with a hybrid bud structure which leans slightly to the Sativa side. She can be prone to foxtailing, making her buds a bit more open yet very resistant to prolonged periods of bad outdoor weather.


Being the product of a hybridisation of Ducksfoot x Frisian Dew, Frisian Duck has the potential to yield quite heavily. Her Frisian Dew parent genetics ensures healthy and strong offspring which are tough enough to take a punch or two. Besides thriving in an outdoor environment, Frisian Duck will also do well indoors. She stays fairly compact and doesn’t need much height management in order to yield well. Note that her purple tones can be a little less vivid indoors, compared to outdoor grown bud.

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Extremely High

Flower Time

8 weeks




< 1%

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Feminized, Outdoor




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