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Why should I buy Desfrán feminised seeds?

  • Desfrán is a very special Sativa dominant photoperiod cannabis strain. She has a vigorous growth and flowering phase and ensures a high XXL yield.
  • This Sativa variety has gained an excellent reputation for her XXL yields and relatively short flowering time. The quality of the buds is very high and that is the reason that she has managed to win so many cannabis cups
  • Desfrán has buds with a unique and pungent aroma and sweet fruity taste. Its fruity and sweet notes are reminiscent of apple, pear, honey and caramel. A very special combination that you must try!
  • It is a strain with an average flowering time of between 9-12 weeks and a very unique high. The effects are sociable, bright, creative and energetic. Definitely not a couch-lock strain!
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Desfrán, multiple cup winner

Desfrán is a pure Sativa and multiple cup winner. Alberto’s original Destroyer genetics have won quite a few cups over the years.

Cannabis Cups
2009 Copa Del Plata 1st Outdoor Iván
2011 Masters Córdoba 1st Outdoor Harson
2011 Masters Córdoba 2nd Outdoor Chirry
2011 Copa del Mar Champion Alberto
2012 Copa Río de Janeiro Most Potency Alberto
2012 Copa Río de Janeiro Most Flavor Alberto
2012 Copa Cannabiscafé Most Potency Mr Cultivo
2013 Copa Del Plata 2nd indoor Alberto
2014 Copa C.A.B.A. 2nd indoor Lio

Since we introduced Desfrán (Destroyer x Destroyer) in our collection, the following 3 cups have been won:

2015 Copa Cannabis Uruguay 2nd Outdoor
2019 Copa Medellin Colombia 1st Sativa
2019 Copa del Eden Argentina 1st Solvent


Desfrán has a woody, spicy, earthy and floral aroma, it is a wonderfully penetrating scent that will stay with you

Desfrán is a powerful Sativa with a unique aroma and taste. This terpene profile gives a fruity yet sweet taste like you’ve never tasted before. The aroma of Desfrán is reminiscent of pear and green apple. As soon as you step into the grow room, it’s like you’ve stepped into a fruit orchard. Sweet, fruity and fresh notes of apple and pear fill the air.

The scent of some phenotypes leans more towards tropical fruits. Pineapple and melon are 2 other fruits that are often associated with Desfrán. Sweeter notes of caramel and honey make it very special and addictive! The taste of Desfrán is tropical and resembles pear mixed with caramel with hints of grapefruit and melon with a sour, fresh and spicy taste on the exhale.

Desfrán is a legendary Sativa based on the cup winning Destroyer cannabis variety based, very resinous and potent

Desfrán is a true Sativa. This long flowering cannabis variety is based on a number of Sativa landrace strains from America and Asia. She is a legendary cannabis strain made up of the cup-winning Destroyer genetics from South America. She guarantees strong, fast-growing plants with a considerable stretch. Her buds (with foxtails) are very resinous and sticky. THC percentages are usually around 20%, but some phenotypes can be a bit above this.

What kind of genetics is in Desfrán exactly?

Desfrán is a legendary South American variety that has won numerous cannabis cups. Desfrán is the result of a crossing of Destroyer with Destroyer, and was originally a three-way cross of Mexican Oaxaca, Colombian Punto Rojo and Meao Thai. Dutch Passion owes this variety to Alberto from Argentina, a master breeder and cannabis connoisseur and the owner of Haze magazine. With our first collaboration we wanted to introduce Desfrán in Europe.

Desfrán is a classic Sativa with a vigorous growth and flowering phase, she grows long buds and is ideal for a SOG and SCROG grow. This jungle Sativa has a great stretch during the flowering phase and very potent THC rich buds

Desfrán is a fast growing Sativa dominant cannabis plant with long, slender leaves and a vigorous growth and flowering phase. Once the plants have germinated, they will fill your space in no time.

During her vegetative growth phase, Desfrán needs few nutrients. She grows especially well in soil with plenty of room for the root system and also thrives very well under other growing methods. Desfrán is a full-bodied Sativa, allowing her to grow very tall and develop long branches that can take up all available growing space very quickly.

During vegetative growth, the plant can give off an intense fruity aroma when the trunk is rubbed firmly. In the flowering phase, the plant stretches and can triple its height. Desfrán is a very resinous variety, suitable for SOG and SCROG growing methods and usually takes 9-10 weeks to flower.

However, longer flowering phenotypes can be found that take up to 12 weeks to fully mature. A second internode bloom (or even third) is not exceptional. If you are looking for the ideal plant for a SCROG grow, you should give our Desfrán a try. This lady creates new branches quickly and her thin leaf structure makes for a very pleasant SCROG experience. If you prefer a SOG, Desfrán is also a suitable choice.

Her large and long stretching period in bloom means you can quickly set the plants to 12/12. Even directly from seed this may be desirable. We usually recommend a minimum growth phase of 1 week on 18/6, but this also depends on the size of the pots and the number of plants per m2. In terms of structure, she resembles a real jungle Sativa.

Desfrán grows unusually dense and compact buds. When dried, the buds resemble glazed pinecones. The buds can be very sticky and potent. Most of the flowers are completely covered with a thick layer of trichomes. Most phenotypes have foxtails which also give the flowers the true classic Sativa appearance. With the right lighting and care, the buds will become quite compact. They are certainly not fluffy.

During the flowering phase, this Sativa stretches quite a bit, tripling in size is the rule rather than the exception. This large stretch makes her the ideal lady for a SCROG grow. This also allows shorter pre-growth periods. This also makes her a very suitable plant for a very fast SOG cultivation. Her internode spacing is medium, she has slender leaves and fingers and a very favourable flower-to-leaf ratio.

The genetics used for Desfrán guarantee the following properties:

  • A vigorous cannabis strain that grows rapidly during both the growth and flowering phases
  • A Sativa with a great stretch during the flowering phase, these ladies typically stretch by 200-300% when the clock is set to 12/12
  • The flowers are relatively compact for a Sativa and she takes on average around 10-11 weeks to be ready for harvest

Desfrán is the perfect candidate if you are looking for a true Sativa that has a nice stretch during flowering and is well suited for both a quick SOG and SCROG grow. Its structure makes it the ultimate lady to bend, snap and super crop.

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