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Why should I buy TnT Trichome feminised seeds?

  • TnT Trichome is a short and compact Indica dominant Afghani with a fast flowering time of about 7-8 weeks, her aroma is super pungent and is known to stick to your taste palate
  • TnT Trichome is easy to grow and typically grows into a little bush with thick & sturdy branches and very compact flowers that can become rock-hard
  • It’s a variety with a favourable calyx-to-leaf ratio which makes her easy to trim, she has a sticky resin layer and the sugar leaves are also covered in lots of resin. These trimmings are ideal to make your own hash or cannabis concentrates
  • If you are looking for a very potent Indica with an extreme potency, then our TnT Trichome is the perfect choice, her high THC levels of 20-25% makes this one of the strongest Indica’s on earth! She has a potent high that will last for several hours
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TnT Trichome has a dominant earthy coffee like aroma, the taste is earthy with sour hints of citrus and grapefruit

TnT Trichome has a very pungent and aromatic terpene profile. You will mainly enjoy a really rich earthy aroma with hints of coffee and slightly acidic & fruity tones. The taste is mostly earthy too, but some users also taste hints of grapefruit and citrus. It’s quite a unique experience if you haven’t had it before. It has a strong taste that can tingle the throat a bit. She packs a real punch so our advice is to go easy on her, the Afghani heritage makes sure this is not a strain for the lite-toker. Hardcore weed smokers will absolutely love the oldschool aroma & taste of our TnT Trichome.

TnT Trichome flowers extremely quick and has a thick resin coating

TnT Trichome is known for a super-fast flowering time of about 7-8 weeks. If you’re looking for an extremely potent and fast photoperiod variety then this could be the one. Her Afghani roots ensure a thick resin layer and rock-hard buds. These buds are completely covered in thick resin layers. Both the terpene and cannabinoid levels are high, she is a THC-rich strain with levels easily getting over 20% THC. In the right hands she can even reach levels of close to 25% THC which makes her one of the stronger strains in our collection.

What kind of genetics are there in TnT Trichome?

TnT Trichome is based on pure Afghani genetics which have been stabilised over a few decades by a small group of enthusiastic breeders. The selection that was done during the years was focused primarily on getting very pungent, coffee like aromas in combination with rock hard buds that have a thick resin coating and a high THC level. These old school Indica Afghani genetics ensured it became a tough and reliable strain with a quick flowering period and solid flowers that have a hard-hitting effect that can only be created by the most powerful Indica genetics on the planet. All those years of stabilisation has made this variety an IBL (inbred line), meaning she has very stable and homogenous offspring. When you grow just a few seeds it will not be hard to find a winner and when you grow on a larger scale you will be surprised by the same level of quality that all the plants share.

TnT Trichome is an easy and forgiving plant to grow, she has round shaped golf ball sized buds which are covered in sticky resin

Tnt Trichome is a very easy plant to grow. She has a good nutrient uptake and isn’t easily stressed making her very suitable for beginners too. She grows into a compact little bush with a big dominant main bloom. All of her buds are super dense and compact making this cannabis strain pretty easy to trim. She definitely grows wide instead of high. Her Indica dominant growth pattern becomes very clear from the start of the vegetative phase and will continue throughout the flowering phase.

The result is a fat Indica leaf pattern and stout bushy growth. These plants get thick and strong stems which aren’t easy to break. The onset of flowering starts soon after switching the clock to 12/12 and she produces round sized nuggets that look like golf balls. Because of the years and years of stabilisation this has become a highly potent strain which doesn’t show big phenotype differences. Almost all of the plants show the same growth pattern, the same compact buds and the same level of potency.

The goal was to create a very powerful strain with a high THC content that would offer great medicinal values too. Being super Indica dominant she is known to induce sleep, help battle muscle aches/spasms and best of all numb pain as no other. She is known to give the user a strong knock-out stone, especially when consuming high dosages.

During flowering the plants show low to medium stretch, the internodal distance is short to medium too. The bud sites are pretty close to each other and can become stacked. Most flowers will have a little space between them though. The flowers are not the biggest but all of them are super dense and compact. She grows with sturdy branches, fat leaves and big round flowers. The thick layer of trichomes make these white glistening buds lust-worthy to look at.

The genetics used for TnT Trichome guarantee the following properties:

  • A short bushy plant with a fast flowering phase
  • One of the most potent THC-rich strains you’ve ever encountered
  • Very aromatic flowers that are covered in thick layers of trichomes
  • Tnt Trichome is a forgiving Afghani Indica with super dense flowers which are easy to trim and easy to grow

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