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Why should I buy Super Mad Sky Floater feminised seeds?

•    She is fairly easy to grow during the growth phase as well as the flowering phase, and therefore also suitable for beginners
•    Super Mad Sky Floater is a strong hybrid weed strain with a complex terpene profile. Her aroma has mainly gassy, sour and grape tones, her taste is pretty fruity and diesel-like
•    If you are looking for the best quality buds of the highest potency, then this strain is all you need. Her buds are coated in a very dense layer of trichomes with an extremely high THC content
•    This is a strain with a beautiful variety of phenotypes, ranging from pinkish/purple to green. All phenotypes have something unique to show and will carry the powerful pungent aroma and potency of the parents

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Super Mad Sky Floater has a strong sour and gassy aroma with tones of berries and grape, her taste is pretty fruity and sour

Super Mad Sky Floater has a strong gassy and sour aroma of diesel, berries and grape. Overall a very fruity and sour terpene profile. This new cross has taken the complexity of a cannabis aroma & taste to a new level! She smells loud! The hybrid characteristics have influences from both the indica and sativa heritage. It is one of those strains that actually taste the way it smells. The buds become pretty dense and compact. One small bud is often enough to fill up a big joint. Once lit you will clearly taste the more fruity and sour tones. She has a fruity, gassy taste on the inhale and a sweet grape taste on the exhale. These nugs will leave you craving for more!

Super Mad Sky Floater is a variety that is easy to grow with insanely high THC levels

Super Mad Sky Floater has an extremely high THC content of more than 25% in optimum conditions and is thus very suitable for both medicinal as well as recreational growers. She isn’t hard to grow at all, she remains shorter than the average hybrid which makes her suitable for both a SOG and a SCROG type of grow. She is well suited for areas with height restrictions as long as you don’t overextend the pre-growth period. In case you want to SCROG, make sure to give her a big pot so her roots have enough space to grow big as well.

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10 weeks


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Dutch Passion

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