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Why should I buy THC-Victory feminised seeds?

•    THC-Victory is the first commercially available THCV-rich cannabis variety with a very high THCV content (6-8%) and a comparable THC content (6-8%)

•    She is suitable for any type of grower or medium. This type of cannabis strain grows very well in soil and coco, but can also be grown with cannabis hydroponics. She has a medium to large yield and has a typical flowering time of about 11 weeks

•    THC-Victory is a powerful, highly branched Sativa dominant plant with a unique terpene profile. She has a spicy and floral aroma, the taste is fresh, spicy and piney

•    This is a unique photoperiod THCV rich strain available in feminised cannabis seeds. The effect is unique, relaxed, yet energising and creative but with a somewhat subtle high

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THC-Victory has a spicy and floral aroma

The taste is spicy with more fresh, sometimes sharp, notes of pine. A pleasant terpene profile to vape, THC-Victory has a classic cannabis aroma. It is mainly spicy and floral with occasional hints of woody/pine-tree scent. Some plants show a citrus profile.

The four most dominant terpenes are terpinolene, pinene, caryophyllene and ocimene. These terpenes give this THCV rich strain its remarkable fragrance. Some think it smells a bit like a spicy tea.

The taste is also mainly spicy. The floral character can be slightly suppressed when the fresh, pine flavor comes out a little more. All in all a very pleasant terpene profile, fresh on the tongue and soft on the throat. Definitely a pleasant taste that is nice to vape or just to consume via a joint or ‘spliff’ (preferably without tobacco).

Are you aware that THCV has a higher vaporisation temperature than THC? If you prefer to consume cannabis with a vape, you should set the temperature to a minimum of 220°C.

THC-Victory is a THCV-rich photoperiod cannabis strain with extremely high THCV levels and a rich terpene profile

THC-Victory is a unique cannabis variety that, along with a number of other groundbreaking innovations, belongs to our family of special cannabinoid cannabis seeds. Developing this strain took several years. The terpenes of this strain are unique and lean towards the fresh and spicy side of the taste spectrum. The cannabis trichomes contain around the same amount of THC as THCV, both  present at around 6-8%.

What kind of cannabis genetics are in THC-Victory exactly?

Originally, cannabis varieties with an above-average THCV content often came from areas such as China, India, Nepal, Thailand, Afghanistan and Pakistan. THC-Victory is a unique plant with a 1:1 ratio of THC and THCV, the much sought-after new cannabinoid. THCV, short for tetrahydrocannabivarin, could exhibit potential in several medical fields.

Normally, THCV is an antagonist of THC, slightly suppressing its effects. In many cannabis varieties, THCV is only a very minor component present at trace levels (if at all). FYI, typical cannabis varieties available in pharmacies/coffee shops/social clubs tend to have a THCV content below 0.2%.

So even when a variety does contain THCV, it is often at very low levels. THC-Victory is part of the Dutch Passion research program and has been developed by selectively crossing different Sativa dominant ‘research genetics’, the THCV content in this strain is therefore very high.

On average around 6% THCV and in almost all cases more than 4% (with exceptions). Further medical research is needed to discover the full potential of THCV.

THC-Victory is a Sativa dominant THCV rich cannabis strain with a unique cannabinoid profile, a prolonged flowering time and a large yield

In 2020, Dutch Passion was the very first cannabis seed company to launch a THCV-rich cannabis strain. THC-Victory was therefore the first feminised commercial THCV cannabis seed variety to became available to all growers worldwide.

THC-Victory is a photoperiod Sativa-dominant cannabis seed variety with a very high THCV content. Average THCV content in the dry buds is around 6-8% with about the same amount of THC when grown in good conditions.

Flowering time is typically around 11 weeks on a 12/12 cannabis light schedule. THC-Victory is a medium sized variety and can be a little slow in the early growth phase. After the third internode she becomes faster and stronger. Once she is really established, the vigour of this strain will become increasingly apparent.

Her Sativa genes allow the plants a strong stretch and vigorous development, one that is particularly apparent during the cannabis flowering phase. The plants can stretch for a relatively longer time during the flowering phase (from the moment she is set to 12/12). This makes THC-Victory seeds very suitable for growing with the SCROG method.

Due to her unique cannabinoid profile, this feminised THCV-rich cannabis seed variety has attracted interest from both the medical cannabis community and the pharmaceutical industry. THCV is generating increasing levels of medical interest.

The potential benefits and applications for patients is likely to receive intensive study for many years. We therefore hope that THC-Victory will facilitate more advanced research and become a beacon of hope in the lives of many medical and recreational users.

THC-Victory has sturdy side branches and average yields. The plants grow to a medium/large size with a relatively long stretch period. The flowering hairs (pistils) are present in most phenotypes at a slightly higher density than in traditional cannabis varieties.

Her plant structure can best be described as medium-to-large. The internode distance is also medium-to-large. The buds are close together on the branches but tend not to form completely dense, full blooms.

The genetics used for THC-Victory guarantee the following properties:

  • A stable THCV-rich photoperiod cannabis strain with a Sativa-dominant plant/top structure with a flowering time of 11 weeks on average
  • THC-Victory is a potent cannabis strain with a very high THCV content in combination with a comparable THC content, suitable for medical users as well as licensed producers and research centres
  • This strain is very suitable for SCROG growers due to her longer stretching and flowering period. She grows well in soil, coco and hydro

THC-Victory is best suited for indoor growing but can also be grown outdoors in warmer climates. Her plant structure is medium-to-tall and produces buds with a unique cannabinoid and terpene profile.

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