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Why should I buy Snow Bud feminised cannabis seeds?

• Snow Bud is a tough and robust outdoor strain, ideal for growers in mountainous areas

• She is a cannabis strain that is easy to grow, even beginners who have never grown before can get good yields from her

• Snow Bud is a true ‘all-round’ cannabis plant that can be grown in a wide variety of conditions, either outdoors, in greenhouses or in an indoor grow

• If you’re looking for a strain with guaranteed good yields, then look no further. Snow Bud also has a relaxed energetic up-high and a spicy skunky smell and taste

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Snow Bud has a spicy, earthy and skunky aroma, the taste is spicy with occasional sweet and bitter notes

Snow Bud has a unique smell and taste. In general it is a more spicy, skunky, earthy scent with a spicy, piney, sometimes sweet taste. The aroma is best described as pungent and skunky, with earthy and spicy notes. It is a well-known and classic aroma, simple but very seductive!

When it comes to the taste, this one is mainly spicy. Sometimes with both sweet and bitter notes. Many smokers have a smooth smoking experience that is not at all heavy on the throat. True connoisseurs can even taste notes of cinnamon, honey and other spices!

Snow Bud is the perfect choice for the grower in mountainous areas

Snow Bud is a very tough and robust outdoor plant. Her Sativa dominant genetics ensure that she can cope well with a humid climate, while on the other hand her Indica genes ensure good resistance to the cold.

Together this makes for a potent robust cannabis plant that is perfectly suited for growing in mountainous areas. There are very few varieties on the market that can really handle the changeable conditions in the mountains.

Despite these very challenging conditions, this strain still manages to provide every grower with a generous outdoor harvest.

What exactly are the genetics in Snow Bud?

Snow Bud is our second High Altitude strain for mountainous regions. This robust and durable cannabis strain was developed in the mountains over several generations. Snow Bud is a hybrid created by crossing an Afghan Indica with a South African Sativa.

Using these old-school landrace genetics, a new hybrid has emerged that is highly resistant to a wide variety of climatic conditions. As with our Pamir Gold, Snow Bud’s selection work was done in the Swiss Alps. This has ensured that this strain has learned to adapt perfectly to the usually colder conditions that apply in the mountains.

It is a Sativa dominant hybrid with about 60-75% Sativa genetics and only 25-40% Indica genetics. The name Snow Bud refers to the large amount of white stamen pistils in the buds as well as the thick layer of trichomes that can be found on the buds.

Snow Bud is a hardy outdoor variety with an average flowering time of 8 weeks and a guaranteed high yield

Snow Bud is easy to grow and suitable even for beginners who have never grown a plant before. She is particularly forgiving and has a high tolerance for beginner mistakes with e.g. the correct nutrient dosage, watering and climate. Her robustness allows anyone to successfully finish Snow Bud, even in the most challenging conditions!

Snow Bud is very robust and has good resistance to mold, mildew and bud rot. It is also a perfect outdoor plant for the guerrilla grower, both in high altitude areas and at sea level. The yield of this strain is above average and she produces plants averaging around 2 meters tall.

Snow Bud is a hybrid cannabis plant and only available as feminised cannabis seeds. It has been specially developed for outdoor cultivation, but can also be grown indoors under artificial light.

Although she feels most comfortable outside where she comes into her own, she can also be grown indoors in a hydro system or in a semi-hydro system such as Autopot. Indoors, she also does well under LED lighting and organic food. She can also be grown in greenhouses, making this strain a real ‘all-rounder’.

It is a beautiful plant to look at, the appearance and structure tends most towards a Sativa. However, the fast flowering time and resistance to cold comes from her Afghan Indica genetics. She is a strong grower with long branches and a leaf structure that is quite Sativa dominant.

Expect large slender leaves with an average of 11 thin fingers, sometimes 13. The buds also grow long and are full of white flower hairs. These flowers can ‘foxtail’ and have a very favourable flower-to-leaf ratio. The tops seem to be snow covered with beautiful white crystals.

Snow Bud usually grows with a dominant and large main bud surrounded by many small side buds. When grown naturally without the use of any growing techniques, she can exhibit a Christmas tree structure with long and full side branches.

You can top or ‘fim’ her to limit her height. She does very well as an open ground variety but can also be grown in pots. The internode distance of Snow Bud is average, there are small spaces between most of the buds that prevent them from growing together as a solid mass. This ensures that she is less susceptible to mold and bud rot.

The genetics used to grow Snow Bud guarantee the following traits:

  • A very robust Sativa dominant outdoor strain with a fast flowering time of approximately 8 weeks
  • A durable, resistant plant suitable for outdoor growing in mountainous areas. She is highly tolerant and thrives in a wide variety of conditions. Even cold and wet climates can’t get this lady down!
  • Snow Bud has a beautiful Sativa structure with full long flowers, the completely white buds seem to have been snowed under
  • Snow Bud is very suitable for beginners, she is easy to grow and has the ability to deliver a generous harvest to any type of grower.

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