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Why should I buy Blue Auto Mazar feminised cannabis seeds?

  • Blue Auto Mazar is a robust and stable autoflower, this strain thrives in a wide variety of conditions
  • This Indica-dominant autoflower has a fast flowering time and is ready in about 10-11 weeks from seed to harvest
  • Blue Auto Mazar grows compact buds with a thick sticky layer of resin. The white buds are loaded with trichomes and have a high THC content
  • It is an autoflower strain with a pungent terpene profile and a full-bodied aroma and taste. The high is powerful and very relaxing
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Blue Auto Mazar has a pungent fruity aroma of blueberries mixed with earthy kush notes, the taste is sour, sweet, fruity and hashish

Blue Auto Mazar is a unique and well balanced hybrid variety, based on our original Blueberry and Mazar genetics. To create Blue Auto Mazar, the autoflowering versions of these two legendary photoperiod strains have come together in this flavoursome hybrid. The frosty buds smell like a mix of both the original Mazar and Blueberry. A full aroma of earth and blueberries is dominant, with subtle notes of spice and pine.

In general, most phenotypes have a sweet, fruity scent accompanied by an earthy ‘kushy’ aroma, very strong and pungent. It’s a signature scent that might remind you of Afghan hash mixed with forest fruits. Every time you open your jar this overwhelming scent hits you.

After a good cure period of about 1-3 months, this scent becomes even more complex and profound. The taste of Blue Auto Mazar is really fantastic. It is a rich taste with an earthy character that resembles hash. This is accompanied by sweet fruity notes and a more sour, spicy haze-like taste. It is a delicious variety to smoke neat!

Blue Auto Mazar is an easy plant to grow, very stable and robust. It is a reliable high yielding autoflower

Blue Auto Mazar is an easy plant to grow. Growing these ladies does not require any special feeding or growth techniques. These hybrid autoflower seeds grow quickly in a wide variety of conditions and can be grown both indoors and outdoors. The ‘hybrid-vigor’ of Blue Auto Mazar ensures stable and robust autoflower plants with a large yield of the highest quality. These traits make them excellent cannabis seeds for the novice grower looking for a reliable strain to fill their headstash with.

What kind of genetics are in Blue Auto Mazar exactly?

Blue Auto Mazar® is a potent hybrid of two of Dutch Passion’s most legendary autoflower strains. It is a cross of our Auto Blueberry and Auto Mazar, two very popular autoflower varieties. Blue Auto Mazar® benefits from both the renowned quality of Auto Blueberry and the potency and high yields of Auto Mazar.

Blue Auto Mazar® is a hybrid autoflower that clearly leans more towards the Indica side. This variety will produce plants that are a mix of both Auto Blueberry and Auto Mazar. Some plants may exhibit more of the Auto Blueberry phenotype and others more of the Auto Mazar phenotype. There are also plants that have the best of both strains with a fruity, earthy and kushy terpene profile for you to enjoy!

Blue Auto Mazar is a classic autoflower strain with a compact Christmas tree structure with thick buds and sticky flowers

Blue Auto Mazar® is a beautiful Indica-dominant autoflower strain. During the flowering phase, the grower is rewarded with complex fruity aromas with heavy notes of earth and hash. Some phenotypes can be slightly more spicy and acidic but in general the fruity blueberry and earthy notes dominate.

The buds are normally just light green in color but there are also some phenotypes with purple and blue hues. This effect is enhanced in cold night temperatures and will be much more common outdoors than indoors. However, the buds will never become as dark and bright purple as, for example, our Auto Blackberry Kush.

This beloved autoflower strain guarantees good results. Inheriting the best of both worlds from both parents, this hybrid is a very stable autoflowering cannabis strain that guarantees the highest quality results. The buds are beautiful and round with a very aromatic terpene profile. They are covered with a thick white layer of trichomes. These are sticky buds with a very frosty appearance. Blue Auto Mazar is an autoflower with great potential yield. She can easily exceed 1 g/watt, even for novice growers.

It is also a good strain to grow naturally. But she also thrives with advanced growers who want to use growing techniques like LST, bending, supercropping, topping, fimming, scrogging, sogging. It is a real all-rounder. These ladies won’t let anything stop them! All these growing techniques can therefore be used to increase yield. Blue Auto Mazar is easy to train/manipulate. It is an autoflower that, when grown naturally, often has a large central main bud surrounded by many compact side buds.

Blue Auto Mazar has an average time from autoflowering cannabis seed to harvest of about 10-11 weeks and will focus purely on vegetative growth for about 3-5 weeks. From weeks 5 and 6 you will see her growing and flowering at the same time. The moment this phase starts you will experience the most stretch/vertical growth. After about 6-7 weeks the plant has come to a complete standstill and all energy is put into the development of the buds.

The trichome production is already well underway and the buds get thicker and more compact. The plants have a compact to medium plant structure and will grow to an average height of around 60-100 cm. The internode distance is short to medium, she gets mostly round golf-ball shaped buds, which are easy to cut and can feel very firm.

The genetics used for Blue Auto Mazar guarantee the following properties:

  • A compact Indica-dominant autoflower with a large central main bloom and many sturdy side blooms
  • Blue Auto Mazar is a high yielding strain that goes from autoflower seed to harvest in just 10-11 weeks
  • This autoflower does well in the hands of experts and novices alike. She gets very ‘frosty’ buds that feel particularly sticky

Blue Auto Mazar is a stable and robust autoflower strain, these ladies can be grown both indoors and outdoors. They develop a very aromatic terpene profile and are easy to manicure.

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