Dutch Passion Auto Cinderella Jack


Why should I buy Auto Cinderella Jack autoflower cannabis seeds?

  • An autoflower with a sky-high THC percentage, even stronger than most photoperiod plants.
  • She has a very impressive flavor profile and a strong high.
  • A beautiful prize-winning autoflower with a high yield.
  • Easy to grow and ready for harvest in 10 to 11 weeks.
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Auto Cinderella Jack, a cup winner of the highest quality

Auto Cinderella Jack won 2nd prize at the Copa Esmeralda in Colombia in 2018.

The buds of Auto Cinderella Jack are a real reward for the connoisseur

This Dutch Passion auto has a very powerful terpene profile with a strong pine-like, spicy and fruity aroma. A mix of pine and herbs is the dominant scent.

Many phenotypes also have a fruity and fresh character, producing a very positive influence on the smell and taste. It is therefore not surprising that the four most dominant terpenes are the following: alpha-pinene (Pine), beta-Myrcene (Floral, earthy, fruity), beta-caryophyllene (Spicy and woody) and finally limonene (citrus, fresh and fruity).

The combination of these terpenes and the strong cannabinoid profile provides a wonderfully tasty high that hits hard and lasts for a long time.

The flowers of Auto Cinderella Jack are compact and full of trichomes

Auto Cinderella Jack produces compact plants and buds. They are medium sized plants which in some cases grow in a beautiful Christmas tree structure. These plants are filled from head to toe with beautiful dense flowers that glisten from the crystals. Due to the compactness, the buds are also easy and quick to cut and trim.

Dutch Passion’s Auto Cinderella Jack: the autoflower with the highest THC percentage

Auto Cinderella Jack is the most potent autoflower in our collection and the strongest autoflower in the world to date! With a THC percentage of almost 26%, verified by 2 separate labs (with the HPLC method), it goes without saying that these autoflower cannabis seeds will provide a very strong high.

Buds are super white and loaded with trichomes, which in turn are packed with THC. In addition to a high THC percentage, this strain also has a very strong terpene profile. This autoflower strain guarantees a unique powerful high with a wonderful aroma and taste.

(Cinderella 99 x Jack Herer) X Magnum Genetics

This project originally started with a crossing of Cinderella 99 and Jack Herer. Auto genetics were used from the “Magnum” genetic line, which guarantees above average harvests. With THC levels consistently in excess of 20%, this is one of the most powerful autoflowering cannabis strains available today.

Auto Cinderella Jack is the result of many generations of selective breeding focused mainly on one characteristic, the THC percentage. By applying careful breeding techniques (only possible with a skilled master breeder) this strain has become so strong that it stood out from the rest of the competition.

The parent genetics of these Auto Cinderella Jack hybrid weed seeds are known for being potent, full of flavour and with great yields. Both Cinderella 99 and Jack Herer are two very strong cannabis strains with an excellent reputation. Crossing these, and then breeding this cross with the Magnum autoflower line from Buddha Seeds has created a truly epic autoflowering cannabis seed variety.

These classic cannabis seeds are easy to grow

The majority of the plants will be average in height. There are a few exceptions, however, including a larger Sativa-dominant phenotype which is a little less compact but yields a lot more. In addition, there are also special “Christmas tree” phenotypes.

Although some of these plants stay a little smaller, they are fantastic plants to grow. Strong, compact and filled from head to toe with compact sticky flowers with a good flower-to-leaf ratio.

Auto Cinderella Jack can be grown indoors, outdoors or in greenhouses. She actually does well everywhere, under LED, HPS or CMH (ceramic metal halide) lamps or in a micro-culture with TL/TCL energy saving fluorescent bulbs.

In every grow setup it is possible to achieve top quality buds and results with this high performance autoflowering seed variety.

She also does well outdoors and in greenhouses. It is possible to grow her in all climates. Pay extra attention to high humidity.

Because of the compact buds, in some phenotypes it is important to keep the relative humidity (%RH) as low as possible during flowering. She usually grows into a plant about 0.75-1 metre high, with few exceptions.

The genetics used to grow Auto Cinderella Jack guarantee the following traits:

  • An extremely potent and tasty autoflower that, in addition to a very strong high, also has a wonderfully fresh and fruity, pine-like aroma and taste.
  • An easy to grow plant that does well both in the hands of a beginner and in the hands of an expert.
  • Compact plants of medium height with strong branches and full-flower clusters. Due to its compact buds this autoflower strain is also easy to harvest.

Auto Cinderella Jack is the perfect autoflower seed for growers looking for the highest possible quality in a cannabis strain. The dried buds of this strain are not recommended for novice smokers because of the extremely high THC percentage.

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