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Why should I buy Auto Skywalker Haze feminised seeds?

• Auto Skywalker Haze is a very potent autoflower with a sky-high THC percentage averaging between 20-25%

• In addition to a very potent cannabinoid profile, this Sativa dominant auto also has a strong terpene profile with mainly lemony haze notes

• Auto Skywalker Haze is easy to grow and takes an average of around 12 weeks to fully mature from seed to harvest

• In addition to a very potent effect, this Sativa autoflower also produces a large yield, being medium to large plants with XXL potential

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Auto Skywalker Haze has a powerful aroma with sour, sweet fruity notes of lemon and spicy haze

Auto Skywalker Haze has a very pungent and fruity aroma! The incredibly firm and frosty buds give off a strong lemony, yet sweet, haze-like scent. The citrus and haze notes are clearly dominant.

The combination of the fruity, sour, pungent citrus-dominant terpene profile with the more pungent, spicy haze character makes this a strain for real enthusiasts.

The buds are completely covered in trichomes and in addition to providing a high cannabinoid profile. It also gives a true taste explosion. The terpenes are in abundance and they provide an exceptionally strong fruity haze taste. Don’t wait any longer – put this lady in your grow room now, she certainly won’t disappoint!

Auto Skywalker Haze is currently the world’s most potent autoflower with a THC percentage of no less than 26.2%!

Auto Skywalker Haze is currently Dutch Passion’s most potent autoflower with THC levels over 25%! 26.2% to be exact! This makes this strain even stronger than most of the photoperiod seed strains currently available worldwide.

This is a very potent autoflower that you have to show respect for. Even a small joint can hit really hard and keep you intoxicated for several hours. The ideal strain for experienced smokers who prefer to enjoy the strongest possible joint/vape!

What exactly are the genetics in Auto Skywalker Haze?

By crossing Skywalker Haze with Auto Amsterdam Amnesia, our team has created one of the strongest Sativa-dominant autoflowering Haze strains the cannabis industry has seen to date.

The feminised Skywalker Haze is a cross of our original and classic Skywalker variety, which consists of a cross of Mazar x Blueberry which in turn is crossed with an Amsterdam Amnesia from the Amsterdam underground scene.

By crossing this photoperiod Skywalker Haze genetics with Auto Amsterdam Amnesia, Auto Skywalker Haze was created. We think this cross shows the great potential of a cross between new-school and old-school and are very happy with the result. You have to try it to believe!

Auto Skywalker Haze is a robust Sativa dominant autoflower strain with a high yield and very potent buds with a high THC content

Auto Skywalker Haze produces robust and stable autoflower plants. This Sativa dominant cannabis strain is known for strong and sturdy plants that can take a beating. Most ladies grow into large plants with a real Sativa appearance.

These phenotypes can grow quite tall with wide and long branching, thin leaves and elongated Sativa buds. These phenotypes usually take a little longer to mature. The flowers, which are completely covered in crystals, may have a tendency to foxtail slightly, but that doesn’t take away from its true beauty. These buds also become a lot more compact than you might expect from the Sativa appearance.

There are also phenotypes that remain just a little more compact and tend more towards the hybrid side. These mostly Skywalker-dominant phenotypes grow very hard and compact buds, sometimes reaching as thick as a Coke bottle.

All plants have a good flower-to-leaf ratio and trimming the plants is relatively quick. Some plants can even be picked completely by hand and are ready really quickly. The small sugar leaves are also completely full of resin and trichomes, so you don’t necessarily have to be very precise. If you want use it, then you have excellent trim to make your own hash, oil or other cannabis concentrate.

Auto Skywalker Haze generally has a short internode distance. The flowers can grow nicely together and completely fill the branches from top to bottom with sticky buds.

Most Sativa-dominant plants usually have a little more space between the buds. This lady can also stretch a lot. Outside we have seen occasional plants that have reached a height of more than two metres in the open ground. That is very exceptional for an autoflower.

This auto can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Indoors she takes an average of 12 weeks to mature, most Sativa dominant phenotypes can take 1-2 weeks longer. These do give an exceptionally large harvest. Outdoors, she may take 1-3 weeks longer in adverse or cold conditions.

The genetics used for Auto Skywalker Haze guarantee the following properties:

  • A medium to large autoflower with a very favourable flower-to-leaf ratio
  • A THC-rich autoflower with an extremely high THC percentage averaging between 20-25%!
  • Auto Skywalker Haze produces strong and robust plants that can grow quite tall. These Sativa-dominant autoflowers provide a real XXL yield

A stable, easy-to-grow autoflower that grows from seed to harvest in approximately 12 weeks indoors and is suitable for all types of growers and growing conditions.

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