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Why should I buy Auto Xtreme Haze feminised seeds?

  • Auto Xtreme Haze is an XL Haze autoflower with a very high yield and high potency. This is a powerful autoflower that will certainly not disappoint true Haze aficionados
  • She is a fast growing Sativa dominant auto with the classic Dutch Passion autoflower structure, a nice main bloom surrounded by many large side blooms
  • Auto Xtreme Haze has a pungent terpene profile and a high THC percentage. The ‘frosty’ buds are quite long and compact, she has a strong head high that lasts for a long time
  • This is an auto that is easy to grow with an average time from autoflowering cannabis seed to harvest of 11 to 12 weeks
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Auto Xtreme Haze has a pungent terpene profile with a classic Haze scent, this aroma is accompanied by fruity and spicy notes. The taste is also haze-like with floral and fruity citrus notes

Auto Xtreme Haze is an autoflower strain with a strong Haze aroma and taste. The smell is very similar to the aroma of traditional Haze varieties such as Silver Haze, Mexican Haze and Super Silver Haze. It is a spicy fragrance with notes of lime and menthol. The aroma is very powerful and penetrating. Even without a cure period, this strain smells and tastes fantastic.

During flowering, the classic Haze aroma also dominates with fruity notes of citrus, spicy mint and a floral skunk. The taste of this strain ranges from Haze-dominant to a more subtle herbal Skunk, in general the sour citrus citrus notes are palpable across all types of phenotypes.

When grown clean and cured properly, it is a very pleasant and smooth smoking experience. The cannabis buds of this strain have a spicy and pungent smell when smoked. This should be taken into account if you don’t want nearby people to know you are smoking weed! Highly potent, it is the ideal autoflowering plant for Haze enthusiasts.

Auto Xtreme Haze is easy to grow and therefore very suitable for beginners. Experts can achieve extremely high yields with this autoflowering cannabis strain

Auto Xtreme Haze is an autoflowering variety that is easy to grow. Even novice growers can achieve high yields without too much effort. A yield of between 100-200 grams is therefore the rule rather than the exception. The most experienced growers, working with powerful (LED) lights, can push these genetics to the limit. In the right hands, exceptional returns are possible.

What genetics exactly are in Auto Xtreme Haze?

Auto Xtreme Haze® is the extraordinary result of a two-year collaboration between Dutch Passion and Dinafem, using special Haze genetics from Dutch Passion. Extensive research was conducted alongside a meticulous selection process in order to produce the best result. Auto Xtreme Haze® genetics are based on our classic Outlaw Amnesia variety (Amnesia x Super Haze). Auto Xtreme Haze® is a potent, sativa-dominant autoflower that produces very generous yields.

Auto Xtreme Haze produces strong and robust Sativa dominant autoflower plants with a high yield and very potent weed. Auto Xtreme is a strong and potent Haze dominant autoflower

The aim of this cross was to offer our customers a very stable and potent Haze in autoflower form. We succeeded, our customers love this strain and we have managed to amass a large following of repeat growers. If you’re looking for an authentic Haze experience in autoflower seed form, Auto Xtreme Haze is the perfect choice!

Auto Xtreme Haze grows and blooms like a Haze. This Sativa dominant autoflower is one of the few autoflowers that is also suitable for growing in a SCROG. Due to her vigorous growth, she can fill a SCROG net relatively quickly. Give her a large pot with an aerated medium and plenty of light – she needs this to reach her full potential. You can use different growing techniques, such as bending, snapping, cropping and supercropping to limit her height if required.

In addition, Auto Xtreme Haze is simply exceptionally potent! The buds are very resinous and covered with a thick layer of trichomes. She really looks beautiful towards the end of bloom. The buds have a Sativa appearance with a somewhat elongated open Sativa structure, sometimes with foxtails, but the buds do become very compact – not fluffy at all. The Indica genetics contained in this crossing have ensured the right density and compactness of the buds.

Even the lower buds become fairly compact and heavy. These are also completely covered with resin and trichomes. This is a strain that, when grown naturally, will have a beautiful full Christmas tree structure. She can also be grown in a SOG but due to her ‘stretchy’ nature she does best in a SCROG or grown the natural way.

When she gets the space she will amaze you! She usually grows between 1-1.25 meters high, but this can vary greatly depending on the environment, the size of the pots and the strength of the light she receives. This is a strain that thrives when exposed to high-intensity light. She can also withstand higher/warmer temperatures than most autoflowers. The Auto Xtreme Haze blooms grow long with a short-to-medium internodal spacing. The plant structure can best be described as large. The exuberant growth and final height makes her very suitable for growers looking for a fast XXL autoflower.

The genetics used for Auto Xtreme Haze guarantee the following properties:

  • A large robust Sativa dominant autoflower with a very high yield and high potency
  • Long and compact blooms with a favourable flower-to-leaf ratio
  • A Haze autoflower with the classic and well-known Haze aroma and terpene profile

Auto Xtreme Haze is the ideal strain for growers looking for a large autoflower that can take a beating. This robustness also makes her very suitable for novice growers.

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