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Why should I buy Auto Orange Bud feminised seeds?

  • Auto Orange Bud has a very pungent citrus aroma and a real orange flavour.
  • This Sativa-dominant autoflower has a bushy plant structure with a large, sturdy main bloom which is accompanied by many large side blooms.
  • Auto Orange Bud grows from seed to harvest in an average of 11 weeks and has THC rich buds with a dense sticky layer of trichomes.
  • This strain is known for its unique fruity terpene profile and pleasant high. It is a powerful and potent high that will delight even the most experienced smokers with a euphoric and relaxing effect.
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Auto Orange Bud has a very strong pungent citrus dominant terpene profile that smells like orange and mandarin

Auto Orange Bud is a powerful autoflower with a unique and very fruity terpene profile. Careful crossing over several generations has preserved the original character of our photoperiod Orange Bud variety. You can expect an unmistakable and pungent citrus dominant aroma from this strain. Orange, tangerine and lemon are the most common and recognisable scents when growing Auto Orange Bud.

Many customers indicate that this variety can be very fruity, fresh and sweet at the same time. Slightly tart, pungent and very sticky at all times. In short, a delicious combination for the real cannabis connoisseur. After drying and curing the plant smells exactly the same as during the flowering phase. It also tastes exactly like citrus fruit, a beautiful Sativa-dominant auto to enjoy!

Auto Orange Bud is a strong autoflower that is very popular for the high quality of the buds, full of sticky trichomes with a strong orange aroma

Auto Orange Bud is easy to grow. Its vigour and stable character ensure that she is loved both by beginners and experts. She does best in an indoor garden or in a sunny and dry climate. But we also have plenty of feedback from growers in temperate climates who have achieved fantastic quality harvests during the hottest summer months.

Why is this strain so loved? Repeat growers seems to agree, it’s the unique and very tasty terpene profile. Who wouldn’t want to grow an autoflower that smells and tastes exactly like oranges? Her buds are also very sturdy and compact.

She has a hybrid top structure that may lean slightly more towards the Sativa side, with the possible development of ‘foxtails’. But even these buds are certainly not fluffy, instead they become quite hard and compact. The beautiful layer of trichomes and the bright orange pistils complete the picture.

What kind of genetics do Auto Orange Bud contain?

The Dutch Passion master breeder responsible for our best autoflowers such as Auto Mazar®, Auto Ultimate® and Auto Daiquiri Lime®, went the extra mile to create Auto Orange Bud®. First, a selected male autoflower specimen of Auto Daiquiri Lime® was crossed with our photoperiod Orange Bud®.

Then our master breeder waited until he had enough capacity to grow as many plants as possible, so that he could continue crossing with the best and most productive specimens over 12 generations. This project took over 3 years to complete and is our largest, most complex autoflower breeding program to date.

The master breeder consistently selected the individuals / specimens with the highest percentage of THC and the greatest yields. In addition, the smell, taste and effect of the original Orange Bud® had to be preserved. The result was an autoflower that is just as good in potency, quality and aroma / taste as our photoperiod Orange Bud®. Even our experienced test panel did not notice a difference in a blind test.

Auto Orange Bud is a classic autoflower strain with a compact Christmas tree structure with thick buds and sticky flowers

Auto Orange Bud is a stable Sativa dominant autoflower that stays fairly compact and grows up with a nice central main cola surrounded by many large side blooms. It is a plant with vigorous growth. During the first 4-5 weeks this plant mainly grows in width, from week 5-6 the vertical growth starts and the Sativa character of this auto is more evident.

She mainly grows in width during the first month. Once the visible bloom and stretching starts she usually becomes a broader, more compact autoflower plant than you might expect from a Sativa dominant strain.

During this stretching phase, the internode distance increases and you will see that the leaves become slightly thinner and slimmer. Because of this plant structure, it is a perfect autoflower to grow naturally without using any growing techniques.

The plants stretch the most in week 5 to week 7. Most plants come to a complete standstill in vertical stretch around week 7 or week 8. The open growth/leaf structure provides sufficient light to even the lower buds.

Auto Orange Bud can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Most indoor growers use a 20/4 light schedule. Outdoors in the more temperate climates, she delivers the best results when grown during the best 3 summer months. In a Mediterranean (dry and warm) climate, it is possible to achieve 2-3 successful harvests in one season.

Indoors it takes an average of 11-12 weeks to ripen, outdoors it can take 1-3 weeks longer in unfavourable conditions. Because of her compact buds, you should be careful with high humidity at the end of the flowering phase.

The genetics used for Auto Orange Bud guarantees the following properties:

  • A medium sized autoflower with a nice main bloom surrounded by many side blooms
  • A THC-rich autoflowering variety with an XL yield and very flavourful buds due to the unique citrus dominant terpene profile
  • A stable, easy to grow autoflower that grows from seed to harvest in around 11 weeks indoors and takes about 12-15 weeks outdoors

Auto Orange Bud is a potent autoflower with an extremely high THC content which will, on average, be between 15-20%. But some phenotypes are known to have over 20% THC

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