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Why should I buy Auto Ultimate feminised seeds?

  • Auto Ultimate is a robust autoflower that is easy to grow by both beginners and experts with all types of grow conditions and methods
  • It is an autoflower strain with exceptional vigor and an extremely high yield
  • Auto Ultimate can grow into a true monster, the many blooms are long, heavy and very potent with a high THC content
  • This world-class autoflower combines a fresh, fruity and spicy aroma with high potency. The effect of the high is both mentally stimulating and physically relaxing
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Auto Ultimate has a citrus aroma with earthy and piney notes

Auto Ultimate, like its photoperiod parent ‘The Ultimate’, has a strong aroma that smells mainly of citrus fruit and lime. During the flowering phase, there are also more sweet and earthy notes to discover. After drying and a good cure, the citrus aroma is even more present and the buds smell very strongly of lemon and also musky.

The taste can best be compared to a classic Lemon Haze and Lemon Skunk but slightly different. Some smokers taste a coffee flavor during the exhale. Auto Ultimate is a unique strain. The buds are monstrously big. Most are at least the size of a golf ball and are completely covered in trichomes with a pleasant old-school aroma reminiscent of Amsterdam and its coffee shop culture. A classic autoflowering cannabis strain to love!

Auto Ultimate is an easy/forgiving autoflower to grow, with exceptional vigour and a very high yield

Auto Ultimate is a very robust plant with exceptional vigour. It grows fast in both height and width, with large side branches that can bear just as many large flowers as the main bud. In the right conditions, she will reward the grower with more bud than your jars can hold! This is the ideal autoflower strain for novice growers. She is incredibly forgiving, it is difficult to overfeed or overwater her.

Furthermore, she does well in a wide variety of growing conditions and will be able to achieve a yield well above average in just about all cases. That is why we can recommend our Auto Ultimate to any type of grower, she can be grown on 24/0, 20/4, 18/6 or even 12/12 lighting. 24 hours of daily light throughout the cycle can be useful for growers who are trying to keep their growing space warm during the winter, when temperatures in the house tend to be much lower.

What kind of genetics does Auto Ultimate contain?

Our Auto Ultimate is one of the best yielding (if not the best) autoflowering plants in our collection. The genetics come from our original photoperiod parent The Ultimate. The Ultimate became a bestseller shortly after launch when it was announced that this strain could provide extremely high yields with the buds providing a strong and long-lasting high.

This autoflower has inherited those genes from its parent to once again provide these extremely high yields. Auto Ultimate is one of our best autoflowers and was created by carefully selecting and crossing The Ultimate with our classic bestseller Auto Mazar. The result is impressive and yields of several hundred grams per plant are no exception!

Auto Ultimate is one of the best yielding autoflowers in the world, with this plant you are assured of the highest yield possible

Auto Ultimate is considered one of the best yielding autoflowers currently available. The many repeat customers also love the strong long-lasting high that combines an energetic euphoric effect and a strong soothing ‘body stone’. It is an easy-to-grow autoflower. Under strong lighting and the right conditions she will produce very thick flowers in a relatively short period of time.

Auto Ultimate is best grown under 20 hours of daily light, but just about any lighting schedule is possible with this lady. In good growing conditions it will become a large autoflower with a thick central main flower surrounded by many (between 10-20) large side flowers. The strain grows well in soil, coco, hydro or any other medium. In exceptional cases this auto can reach almost 2m in height, but usually stays somewhere between 1-1.50m. The firm and heavy buds should be supported to prevent sagging.

Auto Ultimate excels in a room with a high light intensity, which creates many branches where several full and long blooms will form. The secret to getting the most out of this autoflower is pretty obvious. Make sure you give her just enough nutrition, not too little but certainly not too much.

Build up your nutritional dosage carefully and as soon as you see white / yellow leaf tips appear, reduce the dosage a bit. Keep in mind that a large Auto Ultimate plant will drink several litres of water per day. The larger the plant, the greater the biomass and the need to provide the plant with sufficient water and nutrition.

A large Auto Ultimate in a DWC (Deep Water Culture) or in an RDWC (Recirculating Deep Water Culture) setup needs special attention to ensure that both the water reservoir, the nutrient concentration (EC) and the pH value are optimally maintained at all times. If this is done properly, you can achieve the ultimate yields with our Auto Ultimate. Not all autoflowers can yield hundreds of grams per plant, but Auto Ultimate has a reputation for producing plants that can hold up to a kilogram of dry bud.

The genetics used for Auto Ultimate guarantees the following properties:

  • A large, strong autoflower that can grow up to 1.5-2 m in the right hands
  • An XXL yield with very thick and heavy buds and a strong aroma
  • An easy to grow autoflower, suitable for all types of growing methods and growers

Auto Ultimate is also a popular strain among concentrate makers. A large Auto Ultimate plant produces many sticky flowers that can be used for making cannabis oil but also for making other cannabis extracts, such as rosin, shatter, wax & butter.

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Extremely High

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