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Why should I buy Auto Think Big feminised seeds?

• Auto Think Big is a bushy and compact autoflower with a large central main bloom and many thick side blooms, the size of the plant is usually small to medium but the yield is very high

• This Dutch Passion auto is easy to grow and suitable for both the novice grower and the expert. Ideal for grow rooms with limited height

• Auto Think Big produces large continuous blooms with a favourable flower-to-leaf ratio. She is easy to manicure and the buds are very resinous and potent

• This variety takes about 13-14 weeks from autoflower seed to harvest. Give her enough light, attention and time and she will reward you with a bountiful harvest!

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Auto Think Big has a diverse terpene profile. She generally has a fruity, citrus-dominant aroma with both sweet and floral notes. Her taste is sweet, fresh and fruity – reminiscent of the zest of a ripe lemon

Auto Think Big is a unique autoflower that originated from our world-famous Auto Think Different. It will therefore not surprise you that in terms of terpenes, this strain shows similarities with our Auto Think Different. Although some Auto Think Big phenotypes may have a similar terpene profile, she is usually slightly different in smell and taste to her parent. In general, Auto Think Big has a fruity, citrus-dominant aroma with mainly floral and sweet notes.

She can also smell a bit creamy and pine-like. In terms of taste, she leans most towards citrus, lime and frankincense. When you smoke her in a joint or consume her with a vape, you will immediately taste her fruity sweet flavours. On both the inhale and exhale you can experience a strong citrus taste that reminds you of the zest of a lemon. All in all, a very diverse flavour profile that you just have to try once!

Auto Think Big is a commercial autoflower strain, she remains compact but with a very high yield

Auto Think Big is a ‘one-of-a-kind’ autoflower which is known for her large yield in combination with a very compact structure. It is not often that you come across an autoflower that is able to provide you with such thick buds and yields while the plant remains average in height. Literally the whole plant is filled from head to toe with flowers! This makes it extremely suitable for growers who like to work with compact plants in, for example, multi-layer growing facilities.

What kind of genetics are in Auto Think Big exactly?

Auto Think Big is a highly productive autoflower based on the legendary Auto Think Different genetics. Auto Think Big emerged from a small selection of special XXL Auto Think Different plants chosen from a few hundred plants grown from autoflower seed. These formed the basis for Auto Think Big. The AK420 genetics used in our Auto Think Different make for a stable and potent product. By careful selective breeding we have come to this commercially interesting compact autoflower variety.

Auto Think Big is a compact hybrid autoflower with thick round buds and lots of resin

Auto Think Big is very ‘big’ when it comes to the final yield you can achieve. These are usually small stocky plants which produce very thick flowers. They are certainly not the tallest/largest plants, but this fact is what makes our Auto Think Big so interesting for commercial growers looking for the highest yield. Growth during the first few weeks of her life can seem rather slow. She continues to grow steadily, but she is certainly not a ‘stretchy strain’.

This auto has a compact and bushy structure with thick sturdy branches. She certainly grows in width, but also remains quite compact. This is a robust autoflower that stays below 1m in height in almost all cases. Of course there are exceptions. But in general you will get a plant between 50-75 cm that is filled from head to toe with thick buds, sometimes as big and wide as your leg!

This strain originated from a breeding program that focused on yield and potency. She is considered by experienced growers to be one of the most potent strains in our autoflower collection. The Sativa-dominant phenotypes may take a little longer than most autoflowers but they are well worth the wait!

Auto Think Big is easy to grow and her medium size makes her very manageable/controllable without sacrificing yield or potency. Growing this strain is uncomplicated and she knows how to provide you with a generous yield and a pleasant growing experience at all times. The only downside to this variety that we can think of is that you have to wait just a little longer before you can harvest her big resinous buds!

In addition, she is suitable for just about any type of grow method. She does well the natural way and excels in a SOG setup. The heaviest & highest yields can therefore be achieved in a SOG set-up. If you want to push her to the maximum, grow her in a hydro setup with powerful LED lights in a SOG. Auto Think Big has a short internode distance. The buds grow completely together and can become extremely large and full. When you let her ripen well, the buds also become fairly compact.

The genetics used for Auto Think Big guarantee the following properties:

  • A compact bushy autoflower with a big main bloom and very full side blooms
  • Auto Think Big is a very commercial variety, she produces firm flowers with a good flower-to-leaf ratio. These are easy and quick to cut
  • The resin production is sensational. The buds are loaded with trichomes and have a high THC percentage and a potent terpene profile

Auto Think Big is an easy-to-grow autoflower that can deliver lavish yields. Her full blooms will please even the most demanding growers.

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