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Why should I buy Auto CBG-Force feminised seeds?

  • Auto CBG-Force is an easy-to-grow CBG-rich autoflower, suitable for beginners as well as experts and licensed producers.
  • She has a proven high CBG level of between 10-15% combined with an extremely low THC level (<0.2%) making her an ideal strain for commercial growers.
  • Auto CBG-Force is a vigorous plant with good branching and a high yield. She is suitable for growing indoors and in greenhouses, but can even be grown outdoors.
  • She is recommended for both recreational and medical users. The effect is mild and it won’t get you high. The effect, on the other hand, is very relaxed and clear, it can provide mental focus and a physical feeling of well-being.
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Auto CBG-Force has a floral and spicy aroma with notes of mint, pine and wood. The taste is slightly sour and floral with notes of lemon and cinnamon, very tasty and smooth to smoke

Auto CBG-Force is an easy to grow CBG-rich autoflower with a unique terpene profile. The 5 most common terpenes are caryophyllene, terpinolene, bisabolol and guaiol and ocimene. Her aroma is perhaps best described as floral and spicy with light notes of wood, pine and mint. In terms of taste, she can be a little tangy and floral with hints of lemon and cinnamon in the background.

She is very soft on the throat to smoke and that makes for a pleasant smoking experience. It is tasty weed both in a joint and in a vape. The unique combination of terpenes provides a distinct smell and taste that will appeal to most enthusiasts!

Auto CBG-Force is a CBG-rich autoflower strain with a very high CBG content (10-15%) and a very low THC content (0.05-0.2%)

This strain has a unique terpene profile as well as a very distinct cannabinoid profile. Due to the increased levels of CBG and low THC content, this is a strain with a completely different high – if you can call it a high. It’s more of a relaxed vibe/flow which you experience during and after inhaling this strain. The CBG levels of this strain will average around 10% but can be as high as 15%.

What kind of genetics is in Auto CBG-Force exactly?

During our CBG breeding process, we focused on developing both a feminised strain and an autoflower strain with a lot of CBG and little/no THC.

First, we introduced the photoperiod feminised cannabis seeds (CBG-Force), and now it’s the turn of the autoflowering CBG seeds, Auto CBG-Force.

Several tests showed that Auto CBG-Force had consistently lower THC levels than the photoperiod CBG-Force. Auto CBG-Force contained on average between 0.05-0.2% THC and the photoperiod CBG-Force almost 0.14%.

That is still far below the European legal limit of 0.2%. It may not seem like a big difference, but for some growers these extremely low THC levels are very legally reassuring. We think that the higher THC content in the photoperiod version may be due to the extra time allowed for the growth phase.

These feminised autoflowering cannabis seeds with a very high CBG content are suitable for licensed producers as well as recreational and medicinal growers.

Auto CBG-Force is a hybrid autoflower with many branches, large flowers and a good yield. This CBG-rich strain is ideal for Licensed Producers looking for a strain with an extremely low THC content

Although there is still much to discover about the effects and medical possibilities of CBG, the most recent research shows great potential. By introducing the world’s first CBG-rich cannabis strains, Dutch Passion hope to contribute to a better life for users and patients around the world and to take an important new step in the field of medicinal cannabis and cannabis research in general.

Auto CBG-Force is a hybrid autoflower with a slightly longer than average flowering time. A total of 11-12 weeks from autoflower seed to harvest is typically required for this variety to reach full maturity.

She grows vigorously with a strong stem and many branches. Plants grow to average size and are well suited for growing in a SOG setup. The buds turn a nice white with good bag appeal but are less sticky than normal buds. Most buds have a good flower-to-leaf ratio and even the tiny sugar leaves are full of trichomes. Indoors, it is best grown on a 20/4 light schedule.

Topping and fimming are allowed, but we don’t recommend it by default. If you want to control the height a bit, you can also bend and snap her or even ‘supercrop’ her. Her high CBG levels in combination with a low THC level provide a unique high and smoking experience. Because she is so low in THC she is also suitable for licensed producers who are not allowed to grow THC-rich strains, only those that can be regarded as ‘cannabis light’.

Her plant structure can best be described as compact to medium, the internode distance is medium and the buds grow fairly well together. Both the branches and the leaves have a hybrid structure that leans a little more towards her Sativa background. The buds also have a hybrid structure and are relatively compact and of reasonable size.

The genetics used for Auto CBG-Force guarantee the following properties:

  • A hybrid autoflower with a widely branched plant structure with an average flowering time of approximately 11 to 12 weeks.
  • Auto CBG-Force is easy to grow, has nice white buds but is less sticky than the more traditional cannabis strains.
  • It is a strong, robust autoflower that can be grown indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses. Bending, snapping or cropping are cultivation techniques that can be used for a higher yield.

Auto CBG-Force is a CBG-rich autoflower strain with an extremely low THC percentage, perfect for people who don’t want to get stoned. The high CBG levels provide a clear and relaxed vibe with medicinal properties.

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