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Why should I buy Mokum’s Tulip feminized seeds?

  • Mokum’s Tulip is a strain with a unique terpene profile, a pungent aroma and a great flavour explosion!
  • This is a strain for lovers of the very best cannabis genetics in the world. In addition to the unique smell and taste, Mokum’s Tulip can show beautiful colours on both the leaves and the buds during flowering.
  • Mokum’s Tulip is a relatively fast grower and bloomer that takes an average of 8-9 weeks to fully ripen. The compact flowers are full of sticky trichomes.
  • This potent cannabis strain from our “Classics” collection is based on some of the most sought after genetics from the United States. The ‘Gelato’ and ‘Sherbet’ perfectly complement each other in this unique crossing.
  • Independent analytical results show THC levels in excess of 25% and total cannabinoid content >30%. Cannabis doesn’t get much stronger than this!


This variety offers unsurpassed quality in terms of aroma, taste and effect. A small percentage of the plants can develop male flowers, which is expressed most heavily when plants suffer from severe stress. It is advised to check your plants thoroughly during flowering and act immediately before the male flowers open and pollinate the other plants.

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Mokum’s Tulip, a multiple cannabis cup winner

Mokum’s Tulip has managed to acquire several cannabis cups in a short time since its launch. This unique variety guarantees a very tasty end result.

  • 1st Prize Clouds in the City Cup 2019 Indica category.
  • 2nd Prize Farallones Medical Cannabis Cup 2019.
  • 2nd Prize Dutch Flowers Cup 2020 Hybrid category.

Mokum’s Tulip has a sweet, fruity and creamy character, honouring the Gelato genetics

Mokum’s Tulip is a typical Gelato hybrid. Her aroma is pungent and best described as very sweet, creamy and fruity. This aroma and flavor explosion comes from a unique terpene profile that really makes the buds smell and taste like ice cream. Either forest fruit ice cream or more of a grapefruit / orange-like ice cream flavour. There is something for everyone. Those who like a true Gelato variety will certainly enjoy our Mokum’s Tulip. This strain smokes and tastes exactly as it smells, very tasty!

Mokum’s Tulip is a robust grower and fast bloomer

Mokum’s Tulip grows fast and flowers quickly. In general, the plants develop sturdy and thick trunks/branches, which makes her extremely suitable for a SOG setup or for growing in the natural way. The compact and heavy buds are well supported by these thick branches. In the right conditions, phenotypes can be found that are ready in a maximum of 7-8 weeks. But in general we recommend a flowering time of between 56-63 days.

What kind of genetics are there in Mokum’s Tulip?

The Head of Genetics for Dutch Passion came across a very special Gelato phenotype on one of his travels. The plant had a special sweet scent and beautiful blue tones in the leaves. The glittering buds were rock hard, and the Head of Genetics was surprised by the rich flavor that matched the sweet, appealing aroma of the flowering plant. He immediately knew that these genetics would form a good basis for yet another exceptional Dutch Passion cross.

When this Gelato pheno arrived in Mokum (an old name for Amsterdam), it was crossed with a powerful Sherbet cutting, which leaned towards the sweet side of the Cookie family. The Sherbet has a rich terpene profile, generous yields and a very powerful high.

Mokum’s Tulip has very compact and sticky buds with a good flower-leaf ratio

Mokum’s Tulip is a world-class feminised hybrid. The strong growth pattern combines with her sturdy and robust plant structure to ensure that the thick buds can develop quickly and well. It does this just inside 8 weeks! Most plants show a hybrid character in terms of plant/bloom structure that will lean slightly towards the Indica side. She is compact, with wide leaves, thick branches and round flowers.

We recommend that you do not defoliate her too much and certainly not crack and/or bend her. The strong branches can make it more difficult to use certain growing techniques such as LST (Low Stress Training) or HST (High Stress Training). We generally strongly advise against ‘Supercropping’, only the most experienced growers would dare to try this. Due to her strong stature she is easy to grow and it is not necessary for beginners to master advanced grow techniques before cultivating this strain.

During the flowering phase, the plants show an average stretch for a hybrid. Her internode distance is short to medium. Flowering hairs (pistils) develop quickly after turning the clock to 12/12 bloom lighting conditions. Her buds will usually be nice, round and very compact. The slightly larger and longer flowering plants show buds with slightly more Sativa characteristics and a very favourable flower-leaf ratio. In general, all phenotypes can be cut easily and quickly. Make sure to use gloves when cutting because all buds are packed with resin and are really sticky!

The genetics used for Mokum’s Tulip guarantee the following properties:

  • A medium sized plant with sturdy stems and compact buds.
  • A wonderfully fruity and sweet Gelato aroma and taste.
  • Beautiful buds with a very high THC content and a rich terpene profile.

Mokum’s Tulip is the perfect connoisseur strain. She actually smells and tastes like ice cream!

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