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Why should I buy Lemon OG feminised seeds?

•    Lemon OG is terp heaven. The cross of Lemon Skunk and OG Kush has resulted in a powerful terpene profile that reeks like citrus infused Kush.
•    It’s an indica dominant hybrid that is easy to grow with a quick flowering time and very dense, rock-hard buds
•    Lemon OG is the perfect fit for any type of connoisseur looking for something special, both the taste and the aroma are incredibly strong and pungent. It also has a high potency level of around 20% THC
•    It’s a cannabis strain with a solid yield and a potent high, mainly physical with powerful anti-stress effects. Its compact stature makes her very suitable to grow her in a SOG or the natural way

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Lemon OG has a unique terpene profile, her aroma is super fruity and kushy with an intense lemony, citrus taste that will capture your senses

Lemon OG has a very powerful and pungent smell! It is a rich and fruity Kush aroma, with a deliciously sweet, lemon citrus taste with hints of spices, herbs and peppery kush. This zesty, fruity/citrus Kush aroma is rare and genuinely special. If you grow Lemon OG you will find it a real pleasure to spend time in the grow room with your plants and enjoy the sweet lemon aroma. There aren’t that many leaves in the flowers, which makes trimming the generously sized buds quite easy. You will need to wear gloves during harvest, because your hands and arms will become covered in an unmistakable lemon fragrance and a strong skunky Kush smell which is hard to remove! The lemon terps come out strongly on the inhale, you may notice a tingling in your throat. The earthy, spicy Kushy terps will be very noticeable on the exhale. Overall, a very pleasing citrus dominant Kush terpene profile that makes you long for more!

Lemon OG is a compact, high yielding Indica dominant plant suitable for SOG growers

Lemon OG is a very productive and high yielding plant, especially when grown with the SOG method. The Lemon OG genetics are easy to grow. The indica dominant genetics tend to keep the plants short, meaning there is no need to top the plants. She produces compact buds that are covered in resin, she is also known for a high THC level that can easily reach over the twenties! (20+% THC).

What kind of genetics are there in Lemon OG?

Lemon OG is the result of crossing Super Lemon Skunk with the original OG Kush from Kees and Karel’s gene bank. This cross embodies the new school funk that will suit most growers looking for a potent lemon infused kush hybrid. Super Lemon Skunk is a Sativa dominant variety which is crossed with the Indica dominant OG Kush. Both genetics stand for high THC-levels and a very aromatic smell and taste, super terpy! Expect some sour, zesty, gassy and lemon infused terps that will most likely get you hooked!

Lemon OG is an Indica dominant strain with rock-hard buds, a high potency level and a fast flowering time

Lemon OG is a hybrid cannabis strain with a hybrid plant structure that leans to the Indica side of the genes. It’s a hybrid plant with a compact and bushy stature.  She expresses a hybrid plant structure with thick stems and slightly broader Indica style leaves. Most phenotypes don’t stretch a lot during flowering which makes her an ideal candidate for a SOG grow. With her fast-flowering time of around 8-9 weeks she is known to produce solid yields in a short timeframe. It is a plant that usually doesn’t need much support, her branches are strong and keep the buds upright with ease.

It is a potent cannabis variety with a thick resin coating on the buds. The high potency level in combination with the pungent terpene profile makes this a winner. She grows best in stable conditions but will also still deliver in climates that are not completely optimal. The Lemon Skunk genetics have given the OG extra stability and vigour making it also a good strain for beginners.

Lemon OG can either be grown the natural way or in a SOG. You can choose to use several growing techniques in case you want to restrict her height even further. Keep in mind that these plants won’t stretch a lot after flipping the clock to 12/12. Therefore, it is recommended to give her a slightly longer VEG period to optimise yields. It can be beneficial to tuck/pluck away some leaves in order to increase light penetration and airflow at the end of the VEG period.

You will notice a rapid development of trichomes as soon as the vertical stretch has stopped, at the moment the plants are starting to put their energy into the production of flowers. Most phenotypes get completely covered in resin, even during the early stages. A wonderfully fruity, zesty Lemon Kush aroma will fill up the room and you will immediately know why this strain is so appreciated by connoisseurs.

She has a low to modest stretch for about 1,5-2,5 weeks in flowering. Most plants start showing flowers already in week 2. Resin development starts early and as soon as the flowers appear you will see a white shimmering of trichome glands appear on the leaves. Her plant structure is short and compact, most plants stay rather bushy. The internodal distance is short to medium. Flowers can grow into big, massive cola’s, especially for the ones on the main branch. That’s why she is very suitable for a SOG grow.

The genetics used to create Lemon OG guarantee the following traits:
•    A strong Indica dominant variety with a fast-flowering time of about 8-9 weeks
•    Lemon OG only has a low stretch, and most plants stay bushy and compact, her thick main cola’s and fast flowering time make her an ideal candidate for a SOG
•    She is easy to grow and easy to feed, the Lemon Skunk genetics have made this OG cross even more stable and resilient, so even beginners can grow this strain with success

Lemon OG is known to produce very dense flowers that are completely covered in sticky resin, the terpenes are incredibly loud and tasty, a new OG cross that is here to stay!

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