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Why should I buy Amsterdam Amnesia feminised seeds?

• Amsterdam Amnesia is an original Amnesia Haze hybrid with a high yield and a high THC-percentage averaging around 20%. In good conditions, this can go up to 25% THC.

• In addition to an exceptionally pungent aroma, this sativa-dominant cannabis strain has a very strong taste. The terpene profile is dominated by beta-caryophyllene, limonene, terpinolene, beta and alpha-pinene.

• Amsterdam Amnesia is easy to grow and has a very high yield. Her large long buds provide an XXL yield with an average flowering time of 10 weeks.

• The Amsterdam Amnesia high is very powerful and long lasting. The effect is energetic, uplifting, social and trippy. A real head rush, suitable for even the most experienced cannabis smokers!

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Amsterdam Amnesia has a very pungent aroma of haze and lemon, the taste is exactly like it smells with a fresh and spicy haze dominant terpene profile

Amsterdam Amnesia is a very potent and intoxicating sativa-dominant hybrid. This classic Amnesia Haze is considered one of the best known and most distinctive cannabis varieties from Amsterdam. Both the aroma and taste of this cup-winning cannabis strain are those of a real haze with very fresh/spicy notes and a sweet-sour undertone of citrus fruit.

She is very penetrating and pungent. Both the aroma and taste are easily recognisable as those of the classic Haze. Because of the fresh citrus-dominant notes you immediately know that this is an original Amnesia Haze. Tastes exactly like it smells! Prepare yourself for a fantastic taste experience. Whether smoked in a joint or vape, this cannabis strain provides a very pleasant smoke/vape experience! A sativa to love.

Amsterdam Amnesia is a direct progeny of perhaps the best-selling cannabis strain in the world: Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze cannabis seeds and cuttings have dominated the Dutch cannabis market for decades. There is an Amnesia Haze on the menu in just about every coffee shop. Our Amnesia is also known abroad for her unmistakably high quality! Her potency and excellent terpene profile have made this strain a true cannabis classic. In addition, she is easy to grow and ensures a high yield. A bestseller that you should definitely try!

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10 weeks


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