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Why should I buy Kosher Haze feminised seeds?

•    Kosher Haze is a THC powerhouse. The cross of a potent Kush with a powerful Haze has resulted in frosty buds with THC levels that can reach up to 20-25%
•    It’s an Indica dominant hybrid cannabis variety with a fast-flowering time of around 8 weeks. She is easy to grow and master and suitable for beginners
•    Kosher Haze has a very tasty terpene profile, with an earthy, kushy and fruity aroma and a sour, gassy and lime taste. It’s both incredibly pungent and powerful
•    It’s a high yielding strain with big flowers and a good calyx-to-leaf ratio. She can handle temperature swings like a champ and will still produce big yields in such an environment

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Kosher Haze has a multi-layered terpene profile, her aroma is earthy, kushy with an intense gassy, sour and fruity taste on the exhale

Kosher Haze has a multi-layered terpene profile. This cross between a Kush and a Haze strain guarantees a range of different aroma & flavor profiles. One thing is for sure, the smell is very intense and pungent. It has a soil-like terpene profile with mostly earthy, gassy and piney tones. When Kosher Haze is grown in a well-prepared organic soil she can even throw out some unusual, but delicious, butterscotch terpenes. The taste is also dominated by the typical earthy, kushy terps with a flavor that can sometimes remind of traditional Afghan hash. It’s mostly earthy kush on the inhale and more sour, gassy and fruity on the exhale. Some phenotypes may have a nutty, butter like flavor, which is pretty special!

Kosher Haze is a connoisseurs delight suitable for hardcore smokers

Kosher Haze is the perfect fit for connoisseurs looking for something new that has an exciting terpene profile in combination with a high potency. Kosher Kush is already known for its high potency flowers, but it is the Karel Haze that takes the potency of these genetics to another level. THC levels average around 20% but some phenotypes can get close to 25% if grown in optimum conditions. This is a strain suited for hardcore smokers!

What kind of genetics are there in Kosher Haze?

Kosher Haze is a funky cross of two plants we have had in our collection for many years. However, this is more of a ‘new school’ type of cross. These genetics have been developed by crossing our prize winner Karel’s Haze with Kosher Kush. The Karel’s Haze male passes on some particularly rich gassy/lime haze aromas to the buds. The Kosher Kush female has been in our collection for almost 10 years, where she has been a favourite of many club/family members. The Kosher Kush is known for its earthy, piney aroma and its dense compact and resinous nugs. This combined with the gassy and fruity haze phenotypes of the Karel’s Haze make this cross an overall winner. Being an Indica/Sativa hybrid, she is fairly quick with an average flowering time of about 8 weeks.

Kosher Haze is an Indica dominant hybrid with compact, dense THC-rich flowers and a high yield

Kosher Haze is a hybrid cannabis strain with a hybrid plant structure. Both the leaves as well as the branches show traits from both an Indica as well as a Sativa. Some phenotypes might be a bit more compact and bushier, while others may express a few more Sativa traits and induce slightly more stretch during flowering. Overall, she is pretty dense and stocky. Not one of the tallest plants. It’s a solid hybrid strain that has a pretty strong resistance and isn’t hard to grow.
Kosher Haze might be a bit more Indica leaning, around 70% Indica and 30% Indica. She is a real pleasure to grow and very forgiving. She can handle temperature swings well and won’t fail to deliver high yields. Her Indica heritage is seen in the density of the buds as well as the fast-flowering time that will take around 8 to 9 weeks on average. Nutrient wise she is easy to understand, plants will show quickly if they receive too much or not enough nutrients. This makes her a good strain for beginners to learn the art of growing.

There are some phenotypes that might show a stronger tendency to stretch, these more Sativa leaning hybrids can be bent or ‘supercropped’ in order to restrict their height. Others are more compact and bushier, and these are perfect candidates to be grown in a SOG. All plants are known for getting big heads and these flowers have a good calyx-to-leaf ratio. They become pretty dense will put down quite some weight on the scale.

She has a modest stretch of about 2 weeks during flowering. Most plants start showing flowers already in week 2. In week 3 the vertical growth has come to a standstill. Her plant structure is medium height, most plants stay rather bushy. The internodal distance is short to medium. Resin development starts early and the flowers tend to get bulky and chunky.

The genetics used to create Kosher Haze guarantee the following traits:
•    A solid Indica dominant hybrid with a fast-flowering time of about 8-9 weeks
•    A plant that is easy to grow and understand, therefore suitable for beginners. She will get big flowers with a favourable calyx-to-leaf ratio
•    Kosher Haze plants usually don’t stretch a great deal making this a strain which is easy to predict and manage. You can use growing techniques to restrict the height of the bigger phenotypes
It’s a potent cannabis strain that will produce dense and compact flowers that are coated in thick layers of trichomes. These buds produce a wonderfully pungent aroma

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