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Why should I buy Auto Glueberry OG feminized seeds?

  • Auto Glueberry OG is a very strong autoflower, suitable for both beginners and experts. She does well in both SOG and SCROG grow cultures.
  • This is a robust hybrid autoflower which can grow with incredible strength and speed. Even when grown organically in soil she can provide high yields. When grown in a hydro system she can become a plant of epic proportions.
  • Auto Glueberry OG can grow into a very large Christmas tree shaped cannabis plant with many side branches that are completely filled with large long flowers.
  • She is one of the largest and strongest autoflower plants in our collection. The cannabis buds have a penetrating aroma with a powerful effect that lasts for a long time.
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Auto Glueberry OG won 3rd prize at the Highlife Cup 2017 in the autoflower category

Auto Glueberry OG won 3rd prize at the Highlife Cup 2017 in the Netherlands in the autoflower category.

Auto Glueberry OG has a pungent aroma and resinous buds

Auto Glueberry OG is an autoflower with a very strong and pungent aroma. Her fragrance can best be described as earthy and fruity with notes of diesel and chemicals. The excellent aroma and taste are two of the reasons this plant is so loved by the cannabis growing community.

In addition to the strong smell, the buds are also very sticky and full of resin. This makes this strain highly suited for those who want to use their buds to make concentrates such as “rosin”. The thick layer of trichomes and resin ensures a great yield when making this type of cannabis concentrate.

Auto Glueberry OG has long full buds and a strong high

Auto Glueberry OG has the typical Dutch Passion autoflower structure, with a dominant main bloom surrounded by many slightly smaller side buds. These genetics have the same growth potential as our Auto Ultimate, so if you have the space for this XXL auto then Auto Glueberry OG is a great choice.

In addition to her long and full buds, Auto Glueberry OG is also very potent. The high is strong and long lasting. It is a popular strain among more experienced smokers because of the powerful effect.

What exactly are the genetics in Auto Glueberry OG?

Auto Glueberry OG is the autoflowering version of the photoperiod cannabis strain Glueberry OG. To make Glueberry OG an autoflower, we crossed the Gorilla Glue x OG with the original Auto Blueberry. In this way we managed to keep the same taste as well as the same effect. This autoflower guarantees a super tasty end-result!

Auto Glueberry OG produces large plants with a high yield and potent, tasty weed

Auto Glueberry OG is a Sativa dominant hybrid autoflower developed for its special fragrance and flavor profile combined with a very high yield. This strain is known by growers worldwide for the excellent yield. This is a real XXL autoflower to love!

The photoperiod parent (Glueberry OG) provides the excellent aroma and flavor. This 3-way cross from Blueberry with Gorilla Glue x OG Kush is the perfect combination of an old school variety with ‘new school’ USA genetics.

Auto Glueberry OG is a tall autoflower that normally grows to about 100-150cm in height. In the most favourable cases she can grow even bigger and this makes her very suitable for SCROG growers. Due to her large size and fast growing power she can fill a SCROG net in no time, especially when grown in a hydro system.

This is an easy strain to grow. Even beginners who don’t want to use complicated growing techniques can achieve high yields easily. Even when grown completely organically in soil these autoflower seeds can grow into large ladies with sturdy and heavy buds.

Her plant structure is best described as large to extra large. The internode distance is medium and the leaves are of a hybrid structure that will lean a little more towards the Sativa side, with slightly slimmer and longer fingers.

The slightly larger internode distance allows the flowers to grow longer and thicker. Due to the Sativa-dominant leaf structure, the light penetrates nicely even to the bottom buds, which in turn guarantees a high yield.

The genetics used for Auto Glueberry OG guarantee the following properties:

  • A large autoflower with full buds and a very good yield.
  • An easy to grow autoflower suitable for all types of growing techniques, even SCROG growers.
  • A very potent and tasty end result, the buds are packed with resin and delicious terpenes.

Auto Glueberry OG is one of the largest autoflowers you will find. This tough lady will blow your mind and will grow from autoflower seed to harvest in around 12-13 weeks for indoor growers.

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