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Ready to give your plants a little extra love? Bergman’s Marijuana Fertilizer has everything marijuana plants need to produce a bountiful harvest. This set is perfect for complete grows and includes Bergman’s Seedling Fertilizer, Growtime Fertilizer, Flowertime Fertilizer, and Plant Booster. Just provide your growing medium, light source, and water, and the fertilizers will do the rest.


This set contains all the nutrients you need to feed 5 plants from start to finish.

Seedling Fertilizer

10 grams of Seedling Fertilizer.

Bergman’s Seedling Fertilizer gives your plants a healthy start with a blend of nutrients designed for young plants. Use it during the starting stage of a plant’s growth and development to fortify the roots and encourage healthy growth.

N-P-K = 11-40-13

Growtime Fertilizer

25 grams of Growtime Fertilizer.

Bergman’s Growtime Fertilizer is the key to protecting your plants from diseases while improving soil tilth.Stronger, healthier roots and better nutrient retention are all expected results of the Growtime fertilizer, and improved microbial activity will make the plants thrive.

N-P-K = 19-5-20

Flowertime Fertilizer

200 grams of Flowertime Fertilizer.

Bergman’s Flowertime Fertilizer contains a very high potassium concentration. Its high levels of nitrogen encourage foliage growth. But, it’s the abundance of potassium that stimulates the production of strong, potent buds. Begin applying this bloom fertilizer as soon as your plants start forming flowers, and keep applying Bergman’s Flowertime Fertilizer throughout the flowering stage.

N-P-K = 15-6-30

Plant Booster

10 grams of Plant Booster

Bergman’s Plant Booster is a flowering stimulator filled with nutritional power. Add it to your plants during their last stages of the vegetative phase to induce early flowering. This bloom fertilizer gives your flowers more time to develop into full, rich buds. During flowering, the Plant Booster will improve soil tilth strengthening root structure and nutrient retention. Heavier yields and increased quality should be expected.

N-P-K = 0-27-27

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