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Why should I buy Kerosene Krash feminized seeds?

  • She is a relatively compact cannabis plant with good internodal distance and beautiful large flowers.
  • It is an excellent Indica dominant hybrid with a complex terpene profile and pungent aroma.
  • This THC-rich plant has super sticky and compact buds.
  • She flowers quickly and within this short time she will provide you with some of the tastiest and strongest cannabis buds you have ever tasted.

This variety offers unsurpassed quality in terms of aroma, taste and effect. A small percentage of the plants can develop male flowers, which is expressed most heavily when plants suffer from severe stress. It is advised to check your plants thoroughly during flowering and act immediately before the male flowers open and pollinate the other plants.

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Kerosene Krash has a pungent earthy, gas/diesel and slightly fruity kush aroma

Kerosene Krash is one of the most pungent and most powerful cannabis strains in our collection. This strain was created by crossing a GG #4 (formerly Gorilla Glue) with a male Sherbet. Both parents are known worldwide for their potent buds and strong aroma. GG#4 leans towards earthy, sour and gassy, Sherbet is a little sweeter and fruitier.

Both varieties are bestsellers in the U.S. and have amassed a large number of fans and repeat growers. Our crossing combines the best of these 2 worlds, ensuring that the potent and aromatic nature of both strains is preserved. Expect wonderful smelling buds which are so pungent that an ordinary plastic ziplock bag simply can’t contain the penetrating aroma. Most phenotypes will lean more towards the earthy, gassy side. But there are also phenotypes that lean a little more towards the Sherbet’s fruity, sometimes sweet and citrusy side.

Kerosene Krash has shimmering buds full of trichomes and terpenes

Kerosene Krash has super sticky buds full of trichomes. The strain gets its name from the strong pungent odour that seems to get everywhere and go through any bag! It’s similar to the pungent smell of gasoline/kerosene. Some phenotypes lean heavily towards the strong diesel/gassy side of terpenes spectrum. These are our personal favorites, well worth looking out for!

How can you make Kerosene Krash even more potent ?

There are several ‘tricks’ to make a strain even more potent. Some are scientifically proven methods. Others may not be proven, but are common practice within the growers community.

If we can recommend one method from the scientific side, we would recommend the use of a UVB lamp. These lamps, which mainly emit UVB light, give the plant that extra push to produce even more trichomes and THC. A UVB lamp only needs to be used for 3-4 hours a day during the last 3-4 weeks. This simulates strong sunlight, as found in equatorial summer sun. The plant protects its flowers by producing even more trichomes. This mimics the increased pigment production in our skin as we are exposed to strong sun.

One tip/trick is to leave the plant in the dark for the last 2-3 days before harvest. This is thought to increase resin production. But be sure remember to water your plant, even in the dark they will still drink.

Another tip used by Licensed Producers is to add cold/chilled air during the overnight dark period. This is thought to make weed even more potent and may also encourage colour production in the buds, adding to the visual appeal. Other shock methods used to stress the plant, such as watering the plant with ice cubes, remain popular with some growers despite lack of scientific evidence.

Kerosene Krash is a fast bloomer with compact flowers and a good yield

Kerosene Krash is an Indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain which arose from our USA breeding program. This strain belongs to our USA-special family, which contains only the very best genetics from the USA. As mentioned earlier, Kerosene Krash was created by crossing a beautiful female GG # 4 (Gorilla Glue # 4 aka. Original Glue) with a male Sherbet (aka. Sherbert). This hybrid was later stabilised and feminised to create the Kerosene Krash seeds that we sell today.

This strain is able to flower quickly. Most phenotypes you will encounter will be ready to harvest in about 8 weeks on average. Some plants seem to be ready after 7 weeks of 12/12 light, but we recommend giving them that extra 1 to 1.5 weeks. This is partly because the buds become even more compact and potent in the last 2 weeks, but also because the blooms pack on extra weight.

If you look at the trichomes with a microscope you can keep a close eye on the ripening process. Getting a good number of amber trichomes gives the high even more power!

Because Kerosene Krash flowers quickly, she usually remains a very compact plant. She is relatively small in comparison to other “USA-special” varieties because her stretch is minimal. She will only stretch in bloom for 2 to about 3 weeks. Some phenotypes come to a standstill very quickly, so it is recommended to extend the VEG period slightly to ultimately increase yield.

The plant structure is best described as compact. The internode distance is relatively small and the leaves are of a hybrid structure which leans more towards the Indica side.

The genetics used to create Kerosene Krash guarantee the following traits:

  • A compact plant with full, thick buds.
  • A complex terpene profile with a pungent odour and taste. This tasty hybrid also has an extremely high THC content.
  • This Indica dominant hybrid is easy to grow and has a very potent and pleasant high, it is a wonderful smoke.
  • Kerosene Krash is the ideal strain for true connoisseurs. The unique aroma and taste are what makes this strain so popular. A true taste explosion!

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