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Why should I buy HiFi 4G feminized seeds?

  • It is an uncomplicated strain that makes good yields easy to achieve, even for beginners
  • It is a robust, fast-flowering variety with thick, sturdy branches and exceptional vigor. Well suited to the SOG method or for growers who like to grow their plants naturally
  • HiFi 4G is a very strong THC-rich cannabis strain. With a refined genetic background you are guaranteed a potent end result
  • If you are looking for a strong and fast Kush variety, Hifi 4G is the way to go. A unique terpene profile and pungent aroma provides a great taste experience, making it an ideal strain for making concentrates
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HiFi 4G has an earthy, spicy, woody aroma with sharp and fruity notes

HiFi 4G has an unmistakably pungent Kush aroma. Most phenotypes will generally smell like a strong American Kush. This strain is most like an OG Kush, with a spicy, earthy aroma and sharp notes of citrus and coniferous trees. This variety has a wide variety of terpenes and both Alpha-Pinene and Beta-Pinene, plus the more common Myrcene and Limonene terpenes. All are strongly represented in the terpene profile. Hi-fi 4G fills the room with a pungent weed smell in no time.

HiFi 4G is a robust cannabis plant with sturdy branches and large flowers

This plant is known for its exceptional vigor and its sturdy thick branches. During the growth phase she seems to grow a bit faster than most hybrid strains. Even the stems of the leaves are firmer and thicker than usual. Because she has such stiff branches, it is more difficult to snap and bend her. She prefers to grow straight upwards, which makes her very suitable for a SOG setup. The sturdy branches are surrounded by large and long blooms, which in some phenotypes can grow to more than 40-50cm.

What kind of genetics does HiFi 4G contain?

At Dutch Passion we constantly keep up with the latest developments in genetics and our North American network remains a valuable resource. The result of our latest project is HiFi 4G. This cross was made with the parent WiFi OG and our award-winning resin-infused Glueberry OG. By crossing these two strains a very strong and potent new Kush variety has been created. It combines potency of the WiFi OG parent with the great aroma of the Glueberry OG. The more earthy, sour diesel aroma of the Wifi OG comes together with the more fruity, earthy aroma of the Glueberry OG. A delicious new mix of terpenes!

HiFi 4G has long compact buds with a very high cannabinoid profile

Hi-Fi 4G grows faster than you might expect from an Indica-dominant Kush variety. In the vegetative phase she grows quickly, but even in the flowering phase there is quite a bit of stretch in the plants. Perhaps slightly more than what you would expect from a cannabis plant with a flowering time of about 8 weeks. Most plants have a hybrid plant structure that will lean a little more towards the Indica side.

It is best not to try to break or bend Hi-Fi 4G. The stiff branches can break easily, especially during the growth phase and are not easy to manipulate. That is why it is best to grow this strain naturally or in a SOG setup. With the latter method you can immediately achieve the highest possible yields. Her thick flowers get more light in a SOG and you get the most weight from these main buds.

During the flowering phase, the plants have quite a stretch, they will continue to grow for about 3 weeks after switching the clock to 12/12. Her internode distance is short to medium. Even with the phenotypes with a slightly longer internode distance, the spaces are completely filled with flowers. These phenotypes also have a very favourable flower-to-leaf ratio, which makes them a favourite among growers.

Trichome production is a bit slow at first, but around week 6 of 12/12, resin and trichome production is really in full swing and sometimes takes just a few weeks before they can be cut. Her THC level is very high. After several lab tests lab tests have shown that this strain can reach well above 20% THC and therefore belongs to our exclusive category of ‘Extremely High THC seeds’. This is reserved only for cannabis seeds with an extremely high THC potential.

The genetics used for HiFi 4G guarantees the following properties:

•    A compact medium sized plant with stiff branches and large flowers
•    Large sticky flowers with a very strong Kush aroma
•    Shimmering buds with an extremely high THC content
•    HiFi 4G is a strain that is suitable for real Kush enthusiasts who love a pungent aroma, a strong taste and a powerful high

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